The Making of "It Was A Holy Night" Part 4 

Once we got the word that we would be moving back to Seattle, we began making preparations for our big move. We began selling things and packing things. I was becoming increasingly better and back to work part time. I was still experiencing vertigo and migraines, but was seeing a neurologist in Santa Clarita and we decided that I would dig deeper into my care with more specialists once I got to Seattle. (And Seattle-UW, has some of the best doctors in the country, let me tell you!) Everything was falling…

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The Making of "It Was A Holy Night" Part 3 

So there we were with a few song ideas, the desire to create a Christmas EP-my debut recording, with a huge obstacle of my health in the way and other obstacles arising. After the accident (I try to always say "the" instead of "my" because I don't want claim it or let it claim my identity), Sam and I were in desperate need for the Lord to do something BIG in many aspects of our life. I was unable to work, drive and take care of myself in daily things. Sam was struggling to find a job, with no doors…

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The Making of "It Was A Holy Night" Part 2 

By the end of June/beginning of July, we had some great ideas down for songs for our EP. In the middles of July we had several scratch tracks down (recorded tracks of ideas for songs). We were ready to start rolling on recording and writing so we could release the Christmas EP by October 2017.

On July 26th, 2017 everything changed. I (Brianne) was headed home from work on my way to meet a coworker at a coffee shop, when i was in a near fatal car accident. Our world changed, for what we thought would be…

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The Making of "It Was A Holy Night" Part 1 

It was a hot June day in Santa Clarita, CA when the idea came to both Sam and I "Hey why don't we just do a Christmas EP?!" I had not released any music of my own yet, and had a lot of people waiting, asking, praying for me to release something. I am so grateful for all you (you know who you are) who have waited so patiently and supported us through it all. We were always waiting for "a better time", when we had better equipment, a better space set up, more time, etc. But God's time is what is perfect and…

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Intro to Stories of Our Journey 

Welcome to our blog! Here we will share our stories of our journey, in our music, in our walk with Christ, and stories of our crazy life! Brianne will be the author of these stories and will share with you all the behind the scenes stories. The first stories in our blog will be about the journey of the making of our Christmas Album, "It Was A Holy Night". It has been quite a journey and hopefully you all will enjoy it! Stay tuned!

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Montage Bible Church, 15725 Simonds Rd NE, Kenmore, WA

Come worship with us as we lead worship for Montage Bible Church's Saturday evening service. 


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Montage Bible Church, 15725 Simonds Rd NE, Kirkland, Washington

Come worship with Samuel and Brianne as they join the worship team at Montage Bible Church for their Christmas service. Sam will be playing keys and Brianne will be singing, as well as singing an original song from their Christmas EP!


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"Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."-Psalm 37:4