The Making of "It Was A Holy Night" Part 4

Once we got the word that we would be moving back to Seattle, we began making preparations for our big move. We began selling things and packing things. I was becoming increasingly better and back to work part time. I was still experiencing vertigo and migraines, but was seeing a neurologist in Santa Clarita and we decided that I would dig deeper into my care with more specialists once I got to Seattle. (And Seattle-UW, has some of the best doctors in the country, let me tell you!) Everything was falling into place as if this was the plan all along.

The morning the movers arrived, Sam was scrambling to get down more tracks on our Christmas EP, before having to pack the studio equipment away. We had made some progress over the past month, but still so much to do, like most of my vocals! So Sam was trying to get done as much as he could! The apartment was packed, the moving truck came to take most of our belongings, our many tearful goodbyes were said, and our personal SUV was loaded literally to the gills (the doors almost didn't close!) with clothes and other personal items. We camped out for a couple days on a air mattress on our bedroom floor awaiting this amazing transition.

We drove away in the early morning of November16th, headed to not just a new place (as we have never lived on the North side of Seattle before) but to a new start, a new beginning, new dreams, new plans- all things were new! Because God makes all things new! Yes, we were coming back "home", but it felt so different, so much different than I ever thought it would feel if we had to leave LA because we "couldn't make it" there. There were no feelings of defeat or sadness (except for our dear friends we left behind in LA), but feelings of anticipation, expectancy, excitement for all that God was going to do in this next season! We were still in disbelief the whole 1,100 mile drive to Seattle! God remained faithful, He saved this job for Sam, we had our time in the Cali sun and now are coming back home to take a dream job that we have prayed for, for 6 years! 

Once we arrived in Seattle (after we stopped in McMinnville for the night to stay with our parents), we awaited our stuff for WAY too long! Thankfully we were taken care of staying with family and we had a place to move into once our stuff arrived. The truck decided to get here the Friday after Thanksgiving, which we were not here for since we drove to Oregon to be with family for Thanksgiving. Family friends were here to receive our stuff, which took about 4 more days to arrive than planned. So of course some of the first things to unpack was the studio equipment. Sam got that all set up while I nested, setting up the rest of the house. As soon as it was up and running, Sam was working hard and getting tracks down and ready for me to record vocals. He was now balancing working a full time music job (and in the busiest time of year) and I too was working full time. We managed to get a huge chunk of it done before Christmas rolled around, but it just wasn't ready in time. And Christmas Albums should be released WAY before Christmas season so that people can purchase them as gifts and have a chance to listen to it through out the season. So we knew that it wasn't God's timing to have it released for Christmas of 2017.

We continued to work on the EP until about February when we finished it. We had the pictures already taken (our amazing photographer friend, Steve Bartlett came to visit us in LA in September and took photos for us), the album design cover was finished (by our fabulous graphic designer friend, Anika Zebron), and now the music was finished. We waited to have it sent off for distribution so that it would be a bit closer to the Holiday Season of 2018. So we will be releasing it on September 1st, 2018! It is available literally everywhere! iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, here on our website and more. You can pre order the hard copies of the EP now in our online store. The digital versions are available September 1st! We are so excited for you all to hear it! It was a long time coming and we are so grateful for all your patience and support. Our prayer is that you worship with us when you listen to this EP! Let's celebrate the Love of our God for sending His Son to us! He is so worthy to praised! Please let us know what you think and stay in contact by emailing us at

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