The Making of "It Was A Holy Night" Part 3

So there we were with a few song ideas, the desire to create a Christmas EP-my debut recording, with a huge obstacle of my health in the way and other obstacles arising. After the accident (I try to always say "the" instead of "my" because I don't want claim it or let it claim my identity), Sam and I were in desperate need for the Lord to do something BIG in many aspects of our life. I was unable to work, drive and take care of myself in daily things. Sam was struggling to find a job, with no doors opening for music jobs or full time bus driving jobs. He finally found a driving job for a small private charter company, but there were not enough hours for him so he supplemented with various temp jobs and delivery driving jobs. My husband had the burden of bringing in all finances since I couldn't work, being off work enough to take me to the many doctor appointments I had, and being home enough to take care of me. Then what we thought as another obstacle arose, during the doctor appointments and tests, they found a cyst in my pituitary gland in the center of my brain. I got set up to see an endocrinologist and they tested everything and all was normal, so the cyst was not doing anything and was benign. This was all another distraction from the Enemy to frustrate us and try to turn our focus away from the Lord.

One afternoon Sam was crying out to the Lord for what to do next and the Lord clearly told him to call Pastor Alec of Westgate Chapel. Sam has had a relationship with Pastor Alec and Westgate Chapel in Edmonds, WA for many years. In fact as we were planning our move to California, Pastor Alec asked Sam if he would want to come and work at Westgate. Since we were set on moving, feeling that the move was what God wanted of us, we didn't pursue working at Westgate at that time.

Sam called Pastor Alec right away and when he called him, Pastor Alec told Sam that he was just getting out of a meeting with staff praying and crying out to God for a music director for Westgate. Pastor Alec and Sam had a serious discussion about Sam considering trying out for the position of music director. Within a few weeks we were scheduled to fly to Seattle to spend several days at Westgate for Sam to try out for the music director position. We had an amazing time where God did big things in the several days we were there: I drove for the first time, was feeling increasingly better and we loved being "home" to see family and friends. 

We came back home to Santa Clarita and awaited the news from Westgate to see if Sam was approved to come on as the new music director. While waiting, I slowly began working again with Sam driving me to work and during work. I was being over seen by a neurologist and seeing slow results, but I was healing. The more strength I gained I began singing more and more and getting back into the studio. The day came for us to hear if we would be moving back to Seattle to work at Westgate. We waited with much prayer and anticipation, this job would be Sam's dream job, the job that we have been praying for and seeking after since we first got married. This job would allow him to do music full time, steadily and for God's Kingdom. We received the phone call that the board did indeed approve my husband as the new music director of Westgate Chapel in Edmonds, WA! We were ecstatic! So much praising went on! We knew that God would provide this job for Sam because He promised He would, we just had to wait and be faithful. And we got to see His Faithfulness! 

Now the next step was when we would pick our lives again and move back home to the Pacific Northwest!

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