The Making of "It Was A Holy Night" Part 1

It was a hot June day in Santa Clarita, CA when the idea came to both Sam and I "Hey why don't we just do a Christmas EP?!" I had not released any music of my own yet, and had a lot of people waiting, asking, praying for me to release something. I am so grateful for all you (you know who you are) who have waited so patiently and supported us through it all. We were always waiting for "a better time", when we had better equipment, a better space set up, more time, etc. But God's time is what is perfect and the BEST time! My second thought about "this Christmas EP" was- "have my debut music be Christmas music? That seems weird and I don't know how people will receive it." I mulled over the idea and prayed about it, especially during my long runs in the California heat, and I decided it would be a GREAT idea! I mean who loves Christmas and Christmas music more than me, almost no one! My birthday is at Christmas (the 19th) then there's Christmas-Jesus' Birthday which is an amazing time, then  there's Hanukah and then my husband's birthday and my sister's birthday! It so much fun, well and so crazy! So having this album would be another reason to celebrate in the crazy month of December! So a Christmas EP for my debut release is perfect for this December girl!

Thus we began brainstorming songs for the EP (which stands for "Extended Play, because it is more songs than a single, but is too little of songs to be an album, usually between 3-5 songs) We decided on number 3 for our amount of songs for this debut EP. Now to choose the 3 songs, either write them or do covers. Well choosing Christmas songs to record was not difficult at all since I live and breath Christmas tunes- but only from Thanksgiving to New Years! Finding songs that were public domain was a bit difficult. Public domain means that the song is free to record and sell, such as hymns or spirituals without having to pay royalties. Songs such as "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" unfortunately was not an option since it is owned and copyrighted by writer Johnny Marks and artist Brenda Lee, and therefore we would have to pay royalties to record it. Royalties are a fee that goes to the copyright owner of a song so that another artist can record it, the artist is buying their rights to record it. When the artist records the song that they have paid royalties for, they own their version of it and collect their own revenue from the song. We most certainly could have paid royalties to record certain songs, but we wanted to do public domain songs.  In addition to our 2 traditional Christmas favorites, we also decided to write our own song.  

The song we wrote was born nearly on its own. It has a mash up feel of other favorite Christmas songs and we put our own words and message to it. We were both in the studio, singing and playing Christmas tunes when Sam was playing a certain tune and I started singing along to it with different words. We continued from there, adding other parts of other songs together. This song is called "The Gift of Christmas" and we love how it turned out! 

The next song on our EP is our own rendition of "O Come All Ye Faithful" and we wanted to sneak in a special part in the middle of this classic. We hope you love the arrangement we did with it! Our 3rd song and basically the title track for the EP is "O Holy Night". We do an awesome vamp that we have enjoyed sharing with some of you in the past at various Christmas concerts/shows. Our vamp is: "it was a holy night! When Christ was born!"

This is how we started our journey of making our EP and the ride just got crazier from here! 

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