The morning the movers arrived, Sam was scrambling to get down more tracks on our Christmas EP, before having to pack the studio equipment away. We had made some progress over the past month, but still so much to do, like most of my vocals! So Sam was trying to get done as much as he could! The apartment was packed, the moving truck came to take most of our belongings, our many tearful goodbyes were said, and our personal SUV was loaded literally to the gills (the doors almost didn't close!) with clothes and other personal items. We camped out for a couple days on a air mattress on our bedroom floor awaiting this amazing transition.

Sam called Pastor Alec right away and when he called him, Pastor Alec told Sam that he was just getting out of a meeting with staff praying and crying out to God for a music director for Westgate. Pastor Alec and Sam had a serious discussion about Sam considering trying out for the position of music director. Within a few weeks we were scheduled to fly to Seattle to spend several days at Westgate for Sam to try out for the music director position. We had an amazing time where God did big things in the several days we were there: I drove for the first time, was feeling increasingly better and we loved being "home" to see family and friends. 



This part of our story may seem sad, dark, but to us it is part of our story, our testimony, our journey, as we do what the Lord has for us. WE feel that major or minor set backs or trials, are our confirmation that we are doing God's will. The Enemy tries to discourage us, frustrate us, and stop us when we are doing God's will in our lives. When we do God's will, God will be glorified, honored and praised, and of course the Enemy doesn't want that! So when we have setbacks we try to focus on the confirmation that we are doing what God has for us. 

It was a hot June day in Santa Clarita, CA when the idea came to both Sam and I "Hey why don't we just do a Christmas EP?!" I had not released any music of my own yet, and had a lot of people waiting, asking, praying for me to release something. I am so grateful for all you (you know who you are) who have waited so patiently and supported us through it all. My second thought about "this Christmas EP" was- "have my debut music be Christmas music? That seems weird and I don't know how people will receive it." I mulled over the idea and prayed about it, especially during my long runs in the California heat, and I decided it would be a GREAT idea! I mean who loves Christmas and Christmas music more than me, almost no one! My birthday is at Christmas (the 19th) then there's Christmas-Jesus' Birthday which is an amazing time, then  there's Hanukah and then my husband's birthday and my sister's birthday! It so much fun, well and so crazy! So having this album would be another reason to celebrate in the crazy month of December! So a Christmas EP for my debut release is perfect for this December girl!


Welcome to our blog! Here we will share our stories of our journey, in our music, in our walk with Christ, and stories of our crazy life! Brianne will be the author of these stories and will share with you all the behind the scenes stories. The first stories in our blog will be about the journey of the making of our Christmas Album, "It Was A Holy Night". It has been quite a journey and hopefully you all will enjoy it! Stay tuned!

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